Regulatory Disclosure from State Street


The Basel II capital adequacy framework was implemented in Canada in 2007 through changes made to the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada’s (“OSFI") capital adequacy requirements. The Basel II requirements consist of 3 “pillars”: Pillar 1 prescribes the rules to determine minimum capital requirements; Pillar 2 is the supervisory review process; and Pillar 3 sets out the public disclosure requirements for capital and risk management practices. Effective January 1, 2013, OSFI’s revised Capital Adequacy Requirements Guideline (the “CAR Guideline”) came into effect and is the framework for implementing the Basel III Accord. The Basel III Accord contains global regulatory standards on capital adequacy, stress testing, market risk, and liquidity risk and is intended to strengthen capital requirements and to implement new liquidity, leverage, governance and remuneration requirements. State Street Trust Company Canada (“SSTCC") is a federal financial institution supervised by OSFI. It has elected to implement the Standardized Approach in Basel II for credit risk and the Basic Indicator Approach (BIA) for operational risk. SSTCC has prepared its Pillar 3 disclosure in accordance with the requirements set out in Basel III and by OSFI. In accordance with its Basel III Pillar 3 Disclosure Policy, SSTCC’s Pillar 3 disclosures are approved by SSTCC’s Board and provided publicly on an annual basis or more frequently as required Refer to Basel III Pillar 3 disclosures for SSTCC’s background, capital structure, capital adequacy, and risk exposure and assessment.

Basel III Pillar 3 Disclosures

State Street Trust Company Canada has adopted revised regulatory capital disclosure requirements effective Q1 2014 on a prospective basis.

Capital Templates

2016 Q3

2016 Q2

2016 Q1

Prior period's public dislcosure requirements

2015 Q4
2015 Q3

2015 Q2
2015 Q1

2014 Q4
2014 Q3
2014 Q2
2014 Q1

2013 Q4
2013 Q3
2013 Q2
2013 Q1

Leverage Ratio Templates

2016 Q3

2016 Q2

2016 Q1

2015 Q4

Basel Pillar 3 Remuneration

SSTCC's Pillar 3 Remuneration 2015

SSTCC's Pillar 3 Remuneration 2014

SSTCC's Pillar 3 Remuneration 2013

SSTCC's Pillar 3 Remuneration 2012