State Street Trust and Banking Co., Ltd.

State Street Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. (SSTB) is a trust bank in Japan. We specialize in asset servicing and aim to provide world-class service through industry expertise and cutting-edge technology. Our parent company, State Street Bank and Trust Company (SSBT) has played a large role in the development of our global operations.

SSTB’s services include trustee services, outsourcing services, global custody services, offshore fund support, and more. Our clients are institutional investors, such as pension fund managers, asset management firms, trust banks and insurance companies. We help our clients with cost management and offer support through specialized technology and market knowledge.

Investment Servicing

To help you keep pace with change as the market evolves — in APAC and across the globe — we offer flexible investment servicing solutions that anticipate your needs.

Trustee Services

With the diversification of asset management, customer needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Along with conventional trustee services, SSTB provides flexible support for the creation of trusts in foreign currencies, emerging growth markets and alternative investments, as well as additional areas that have shown rapid growth. We support a wide range of value-added services using State Street’s global network of experts and powerful technology.

Outsourcing Services

Since 2000, we have been working with asset management firms to support their business operations. Two years later, SSTB added the same level of support for life insurance companies. By incorporating outsourcing services into a strategic business model, organizations can reduce staffing costs and system investments, helping you focus your resources on core initiatives.

Global Custody services

As agent of State Street Bank and Trust Company based in Boston, Massachusetts, we are able to provide global custody services for institutional investment firms by entering into sub-custody agreements with local banks. State Street’s streamlined processes help institutional investors to make effective, cost-efficient investments in diverse markets and currencies around the world without having to enter into individual agreements in each country.

These products and services, combined with our expertise and local knowledge, can help you control costs, launch new products and expand globally.

Message from Top Management  

Since establishing our business in Japan in 1991, State Street Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. (SSTB) has focused on meeting the asset servicing needs of institutional investors, such as private and public pension funds, asset managers and insurance companies.

In addition to providing traditional Japanese trustee services, we also offer outsourcing services covering back- and middle-office operations, fund accounting, and a wide range of local regulatory and client reporting. SSTB also provides global custody services as the agent of its parent company, State Street Bank and Trust Company.

We locate SSTB’s offices in Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan, and leverage the full range of capabilities available through State Street’s global network. We use our global expertise along with our clear understanding of local regulatory requirements, business practices and customer expectations, to provide innovative solutions with an extremely high standard of service.

Our client-centric approach is based on the knowledge that our success depends on the success of our clients and the growth of their businesses. As a Japanese trust bank with more than 25 years in the market, we are committed to helping our Japanese clients succeed wherever they do business in the world.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Fogarty
Representative Director and President
State Street Trust and Banking Co., Ltd.