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As an established and well-capitalised global leader, State Street can offer the guidance you need to achieve your business objectives — in any market environment.


State Street in the United Kingdom

State Street entered the European market in 1970, and two years later we opened our first office in the UK. Since then, we’ve worked to strengthen and expand our presence in the region to better serve our clients. Today, with over 10,000 employees* throughout Continental Europe, Ireland and the UK, we offer local investors a complete range of financial services across the investment spectrum, including investment servicing, investment research and trading, and investment management.

When you work with State Street in the UK, you have access to the local market knowledge of more than 2,300 experienced professionals,* as well as capabilities and services that are highly scalable and truly global. More importantly, you benefit from our unwavering client focus and commitment to your success.

Investment Servicing

To help you keep up with the sweeping changes taking place in the financial industry — both worldwide and in UK — State Street brings you an array of flexible and customisable investment servicing solutions, including:

  • Global custody
  • Fund accounting
  • Pooling
  • Investment performance and analytics
  • Online client portal
  • Trustee and depositary Services
  • Middle-office outsourcing
  • Third-party and outsourced fund administration services
  • Alternative investment solutions
  • Transfer agency capabilities

These products and services, combined with our expertise and local knowledge, bring transparency to the investment process and enable the owners or managers of invested assets to measure, evaluate and objectively interpret their investment performance.

Investment Research and Trading

We provide specialised research, trading, securities lending and innovative portfolio strategies with the goal of enhancing and preserving the value of your portfolio. We do this through proprietary portfolio and risk management technologies, trading optimisation and global connectivity across multiple asset classes and markets. Through our integrated global network, we offer diverse liquidity and crossing to facilitate cost-effective solutions that meet your needs. Our asset class expertise spans foreign exchange, equities, fixed income and derivatives. Our transition management capabilities are designed to help reduce your overall transition costs, minimise operational and portfolio risk during complex transitions and provide greater transparency.

Our unique approach to research combines the in-depth insights of our own strategists with the cutting-edge expertise of State Street Associates, our unique partnership with academia. Our execution capabilities enable you to implement these opportunities as effectively as possible. Through a comprehensive, bundled set of trading services, we can help you optimise trades, enhance returns and minimise overall transaction costs. Our cost-effective and customised portfolio solutions help you establish and maintain market exposure, address asset target misweights and manage portfolios on an interim basis. They include our long-established, industry-leading transition management offering, which helps minimise the overall cost of transitioning portfolios.

As one of the world’s most experienced lending agents, State Street Securities Finance offers the individualised service, client-facing technology and commitment to transparency you’re looking for, and provide a high level of oversight and transparency for your lending programme. In electronic trading, you benefit from our innovation-led approach that saw us become the first provider to offer an FX platform to asset managers. eExchange is our suite of award-winning integrated electronic trading solutions for FX, futures, US treasuries, and the subscription and redemption of money market funds and exchange traded funds.

Investment Management

Through our investment management business, State Street Global Advisors, we provide you with the disciplined, systematic investment strategies you need to achieve your investment goals.

As one of the world’s largest managers of institutional assets, Global Advisors manages more than £2 trillion in assets** worldwide. We leverage this in-depth expertise and decades of experience to create highly customised investment solutions that align with your distinct risk parameters.

Global Advisors has been operating in London since 1990, and now ranks as one of the major asset managers in the UK. From our roots as an index manager to our recent pioneering work on alpha generation, our path reflects a drive to stay one step ahead and anticipate your future investment needs. We have expanded our offerings to reflect the globalisation of financial markets and the increasing complexity of product, thereby helping you access new opportunities and maintain your edge.

Our investment strategies include:

Index Equity
  • Regional
  • Global
  • Socially responsible investing
  • Wealth-weighted strategies
Active Equity
  • Regional
  • Global
  • Emerging markets
  • Long-only active and enhanced
  • Active and enhanced with limited shorting
  • Absolute Return
Fixed Income
  • Active
  • Passive
  • Regional and global
  • Liability driven investing
  • Absolute return
Currency Management
  • Active, passive and absolute return

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Products and services outlined herein are offered to institutional investors through State Street Bank and Trust Company and State Street Global Advisors, Inc., and affiliates, and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Please contact your sales representative for more information.