Women in Finance

At State Street, we work hard to provide all of our employees with an inclusive and diverse working environment. To help build on this work and make a public commitment to current and future employees, we’ve signed the Women in Finance Charter in the UK.

This charter underscores our commitment to more equal representation of women in our organisation. Since 2012, we’ve set internal targets to increase the number of women in senior roles. In 2014, we set a goal to increase the number of senior female employees in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to 20 – 25 percent by December 2017.

In addition to quantitative targets, we’re focused on a number of qualitative initiatives. To further grow and develop our pipeline of diverse talent, we’re providing high-potential employees with executive sponsors. We’re also continuing to expand the work and activity of our EMEA Diversity Council, executing plans to increase female representation at all levels of the organisation.

This focus and commitment is strongly championed and supported by Jeff Conway, CEO of State Street for EMEA. Jeff has co-chaired the EMEA Diversity Council since it was set up and has accountability for our diversity strategy in the region. His management team has responsibility for diversity goals and their progress towards meeting these goals is assessed as part of their annual performance reviews.

By signing the Women in Finance Charter we are publicly stating our commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment for all of our employees. We’re proud to align ourselves with this important initiative, and hope we encourage our clients and industry peers to strive towards the same goal. We believe our people perform their best in an environment that encourages equality and respect. And by helping our employees be their true selves, we’re creating a stronger organisation for the long term.