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Executive Viewpoint: Opening up China’s Financial Sector and the Impact of Trade Disputes

July 26, 2018

Trade tensions in China continue to rise, and the trade deficit the United States has with China is still growing. Despite this, there's solid evidence that Americans are not generally anti-free trade. In fact, US support for free trade is the highest it's been in three years. With this considerable goodwill in mind, steps must be taken to reduce the bilateral trade deficit, with positive ramifications for both the United States and China. How can the two countries work together to achieve success? Stefan Gavell, Executive Vice President and Head of Regulatory, Industry & Government Affairs, offers his perspective.

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The Custody Services of Banks, The Clearing House

July 28, 2016

Custody banks have a unique business model and play an important role in the financial system. Yet, they're often subject to the same regulatory and supervisory framework as other banking businesses. Learn more about the nature of the custody business.

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Securities Lending, Market Liquidity and Retirement Savings, Finadium

November 16, 2015

Custody banks facilitate access to pools of investment assets held by institutional investor clients. Learn about the contributions of securities lending to financial markets and the broad consequences of existing and proposed regulations on the ability of banks to continue to support securities lending activities.

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Retirement Savings

Ron O’Hanley, head of our investment management business, is encouraging everyone to save more for retirement.

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