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Boston Debate League

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Students in the Boston Public School system are a diverse group of thoughtful, ambitious, and talented young adults. While many have experienced negative influences in their lives, the Boston Debate League has helped the students thrive by motivating them to seek out new challenges and empowering them to realize their dreams.

State Street is proud to make these students' lives better through education.

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Leading by Example

Employees Who Live Our Values to the Fullest

Our values, “Always Finding Better Ways,” “Stronger Together” and “Global Force, Local Citizen” come from within – literally. They were shaped with the input of our employees through focus groups, interviews and surveys.

But creating values is the easy part. Living those values is what matters. That is why twice a year, up to three employees are honored for their commitment to our values. As these employees go through their everyday interactions, they lead by example and inspire the people they work with.

Meet the winners: Wajih Khosa | Anna Haynes | Eugene Thoo


You Can Do It!

Trailwalking around the Globe

Join one of the world's toughest team challenges. Oxfam Trailwalker requires teams of four to walk 100 kilometers on tough terrain in under 48 hours regardless of weather conditions. More than 22,000 people will participate in 15 Oxfam Trailwalker events this year in 12 countries. Together they will raise approximately US $18 million to help overcome poverty and injustice around the world. We are proud to be the global sponsor of Oxfam's Trailwalker and Trailtrekker endurance events.

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The Wind At Your Back

Hull Lifesaving Museum

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The Hull Lifesaving Museum's Maritime Apprentice Program (MAP) provides intensive year-round training for at-risk youth that prepares them for entry-level opportunities in the vibrant Marine Trades Industry in the Port of Boston, Massachusetts.

While the museum helps preserve New England's maritime culture, the apprentice program truly carries forward the region’s lifesaving tradition.

It's a service to others that we are proud to sponsor.


Fostering Education through Global Giving

Our Global Giving Campaign

Education is one of the world's most important resources. It creates opportunity, reverses poverty and transforms cultures. Education can inspire imagination, confidence and tolerance. Simply put, it makes life better.

Education affects all of us in personal ways. That's why we created our Global Giving Campaign, uniting our 29,000 employees to build support for education – the area that matters most to them.

View our Global Giving Campaign infographic to learn why education needs everyone's help.



    We believe in making decisions that create better outcomes. Being a responsible corporate citizen is not going above and beyond — it is how we operate every day. We do it for our clients, shareholders, employees and communities. We do it because when we work to make the world a better place, we build a stronger business.

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    We aim to provide CR information that is timely, material and easy to understand. We report in adherence to the Global Reporting Initiative’s principles and criteria and declare ourselves at GRI’s B+ application level. Environmental Resources Management (ERM) assured the information in both our 2012 CR Report and our 2012 GRI Report. 

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    We aim to create value for all our stakeholders. And we work to communicate with and respond to each stakeholder group. In 2012, we held our first in-person stakeholder engagement meeting. This was just one of the ways we collected feedback to influence our CR report and future planning.

  • 2012 Honors

    We strive to achieve excellence for all of our stakeholders. And we are proud to receive a variety of awards and rankings recognizing our position as a leader in CR. 

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Equality @ Work

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We Are Stronger Together

Our Global Inclusion initiative supports over 30 employee networks, including State Street PRIDE, which provides personal and professional development opportunities for the company's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

We're proud. Of all our employees.


Dignity is Everything

Women's Lunch Place

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Each day, the Women's Lunch Place provides more than 150 homeless women and their children with hot meals, laundry and shower facilities, and a range of social, educational and advocacy services.

One of those services is the Women's Lunch Place Resource Center, where women can learn to advocate for themselves within the government and legal systems and, most importantly, learn to become more empowered and self–sustaining.

State Street is proud to support the women and children who are working to better their lives at the Women's Lunch Place.


Building Better
(and Greener!) Buildings

Our commitment to environmental sustainability means better workplaces and brighter communities

Every day we consider the environmental impacts of our decisions. Protecting and preserving our natural resources helps us to increase efficiency, attract and retain clients, save money, and engage employees.

We achieved seven ISO certificates in 2012, including Boston, Hangzhou (two locations), Krakow, Luxembourg, Milan and Munich. These are in addition to already-certified buildings in Dublin, Edinburgh and London. As a result of the 2012 assessments, two-thirds of our employees in the EMEA region now work in ISO 14001-compliant buildings.

We strive to achieve excellence for all of our stakeholders. And we are proud to receive a variety of awards and rankings recognizing our position as a leader in CR.


Creating Positive Change

Global Inclusion at Work

We know that by recognizing the individuality of all of our employees, we're leveraging talent and fostering creativity — allowing us to deliver better solutions to our clients in a changing market. Our Global Inclusion Report illustrates the results of these employees' efforts and highlights our future goals for ensuring that each and every employee feels engaged, valued and respected.

Download: 2011-2012 Global Inclusion Report
2011-2012 Global Inclusion Report Summary


One person can make a difference.
More than 29,000 people in 29 countries can start to change the world.

The scale and reach of our operations—combined with the passion and focus of our more than 29,000 employees—make us a global force and local citizen in communities around the world. Read the stories of our employees, hear from the organizations we've joined forces with and learn more about the work we're doing to help make life better.

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Volunteer Stories Learn More

Each year, we recognize employees who go above and beyond in their communities. Below are the employees who were honored for their outstanding public service and volunteerism.

Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton Hangzhou, China

Mark Hamilton sees the value in using volunteerism as a way for employees to feel engaged while making life better in their community. He has acted as Community Support Program (CSP) co-chair since 2012 where he serves as a passionate spokesperson for volunteerism in Hangzhou. Mark has made it a point to recognize employees for their volunteer efforts through providing comments on their Performance Planning & Review (PPR) or sending personal emails to thank them for their efforts. Whether he's visiting local charities, sharing stories about his volunteer experiences at awards ceremonies, promoting various CSP projects and activities to employees, or planting trees in Binjiang, China—Mark is a true leader in Hangzhou's volunteer initiatives.

Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt New York, US

Mark Hunt sets a standard of excellence through his community service efforts. He is an exemplary leader and supports and appreciates his employees for their service to the community. For the past two years, he has led a volunteer group from Internal Fund Services (IFS) to the Annual Autism Family Services of New Jersey Beach Bash where they teach autistic children how to surf. Mark also organized a fishing event in New Jersey to help raise awareness for the Sankara Eye Foundation, an organization that seeks to eradicate curable blindness for people in need of surgery. He encourages his employees to actively participate and volunteer in both of these events. Additionally, he has been proactive in fundraising and collected items for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts which he personally delivered to shelters.

Christine Lohs

Christine Lohs Munich, Germany

Christine Lohs is a champion for environmental sustainability (ES). As an active member of the EMEA Employee Eco-Advisory Council, Christine plans many green events for employees in the Munich office. She planned and executed a "Green Olympics," which encouraged employees to engage in green activities and record their efforts. As a regular contributor to the ES Community on Collaborate, our internal social media platform, she makes sure her colleagues around the world are informed and enthused about Munich's ES initiatives. She also coordinated a cleaning event with a local fishing organization in Germany, where in addition to the cleanup efforts, she organized a speaker event with the river and fishing organization where employees learned about environmental issues in their own community.

Jo McCaffrey

Jo McCaffrey London, UK

Jo McCaffrey is a five-year volunteer mentor with The Brokerage Citylink, an independent charity providing young people in London, particularly those from economically disadvantaged areas, with a "pathway" of opportunities into employment. Jo designed and launched the State Street Youth Mentoring Program, a collaborative effort with The Brokerage, Corporate Citizenship, Global Human Resources and Talent Management. This program matches gifted and ambitious university students from inner-city colleges and universities with a business mentor from State Street. Jo's passion and enthusiasm has been infectious and as a result of her efforts, more than 700 volunteer hours were recorded at State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) in London, an increase of nearly 50 percent of SSgA's total hours volunteered in 2011.

Lorraine O'Connor

Lorraine O’Connor Toronto, Canada

Lorraine O'Connor has led the Global Giving Campaign in Canada for the past two years. She's done a phenomenal job of organizing the various offices and onboarding the new agencies in Canada. Further to this, she organized and motivated a committee of engaged and driven employee volunteers, who all worked to raise awareness of the campaign. She has successfully run 40 events since the campaign's inception in 2011, always trying new and innovative ways to engage with and reach all employees in Canada. Lorraine has helped establish effective working partnerships with four Canadian agencies including the Boys & Girls Clubs, Junior Achievement, Pathways to Education and United Way.

Kristen Parsons

Kristen Parsons Boston, US

As co-chair of State Street's Global Outreach Ambassador Council in eastern Massachusetts, Kristen Parsons distributes weekly emails to more than 350 highly engaged State Street employees to promote upcoming volunteer opportunities, volunteer release days and our Matching Gift Program. Kristen is a member of the Strong Women, Strong Girls Boston Advisory Council and helps this nationally recognized, multi-generational mentoring program in many ways, including organizing collections and drives at State Street. She is also very involved with Cradles to Crayons (C2C), an organization that provides homeless and low-income children with the essential items they need to thrive at home, at school and at play. Kristen serves as a champion volunteer by leading volunteer groups in C2C's outfit station to provide children in need with a week's worth of clothing.

Deval Shah

Deval Shah Bangalore, India

Deval Shah demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout our most recent Global Giving Campaign (GCC). Despite a last minute change in the partner agency, the Bangalore team, under Deval's leadership, displayed amazing team work through their participation in volunteer initiatives. Deval helped bring three offices in Bangalore together as one unified team to participate in several volunteer activities with a local school. Because of his efforts, we saw a 10 percent increase in employee participation in Bangalore from the 2011 GCC, which is credited to Deval's enthusiasm and dedication.

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson Guernsey, Channel Islands

Andrew Thompson leads by example and, as a result, his active involvement with charities encourages his colleagues to follow. His positive influence extends outside his immediate reporting lines with many employees outside of his business area giving their time to volunteerism. He is involved with a number of charities including Every Child a Future, which helps children from low social-economic backgrounds break the cycle of illiteracy by listening to them read. He is an active participant in London's Community Support Program (CSP) initiatives where, among other fundraising efforts, he has raised money for local charities by organizing swim marathons and cycling events. Andrew recognizes that the skills developed when volunteering–such as teamwork and sensitivity to one's surroundings–are directly transferrable to the workplace. He encourages participation through sheer enthusiasm and energy.

Masaru Yamazaki

Masaru Yamazaki Tokyo, Japan

Serving as the Community Support Program chairman for Tokyo since 2011, Masaru Yamazaki is a role model and ambassador of volunteerism in Japan. His influence spans beyond his own office as he's increased volunteer participation in both the Yokohama and Fukuoka offices. Among his many achievements, Masaru has demonstrated incredible dedication to organizing and sustaining large numbers of employees to volunteer and support relief and rebuilding efforts following the Tohoku earthquake. He has also led projects for employees to write and send birthday cards to orphans at Ichiryu-kai, a social welfare organization that aims to help those in disadvantaged situations.

Hangzhou Community Support Program Committee

The Hangzhou Community Support Program (CSP) Committee Hangzhou, China

The Hangzhou Community Support Program (CSP) Committee has been recognized as a corporate social responsibility leader in China for their impressive efforts in grant making, volunteerism and sustainability. They were recently recognized with an Honorable Mention from the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai for their involvement with social responsibility in the Community Involvement Award. The committee has established strong relationships with various local non-profit organizations in which Hangzhou's energetic and committed employees frequently volunteer. This culture of service starts from the top as Hangzhou's senior management strongly supports the CSP. The CSP's exemplary service projects include The Go Green Group in Hangzhou, which organized five activities, established connections with two local environmental sustainability organizations and provided close to 100 volunteers and 339 total volunteer hours.

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Enviromental Sustainability 2020 Goals

Baseline year is 2012 and target deadline is January 1, 2020
*Metrics based on per person
**Diversion rate = % of waste stream (i.e. recycling / shredding / composting / energy from waste) diverted from landfill
***Total waste created = sum of recycling + shredding + composting + energy from waste + landfill waste