Jo Proud
2010 State Street in the Community
Chairman’s Award Winner
State Street Global Advisors
Asia Pacific

Jo Proud is an active proponent of community support programs in Sydney and the broader Asia-Pacific region. In various capacities, she has been a champion of volunteer work and the face of State Street philanthropy, with her strong commitment and zeal fostering employee engagement and collaboration. Each year, Jo leads the Prince of Wales Hospital Christmas Giving Appeal, organizing a drive to collect Christmas gifts for patients suffering from dementia. She serves on the board of directors at Culture at Work, which develops art and scientific competencies in talented, disadvantaged children and teens with social or other disabilities. Jo also serves as chair of the State Street Australia Community Support Program (CSP) Committee, actively campaigning for the committee, enhancing employee communication and raising the profile and effectiveness of State Street’s philanthropic activities in the Sydney community. She was instrumental in the State Street Foundation’s decision to provide disaster relief grants in support of people affected by floods in Brisbane and the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Linette Sanders
National Urban League Volunteer Coordinator,
Assistant Vice President
Information Technology
Quincy, Massachusetts

As part of Linette’s role as volunteer coordinator for State Street, she recruited and planned volunteer projects for more than 100 State Street employees, retirees, friends and family and provided assistance on more than 130 activities throughout the week of the National Urban League conference, which was held in Boston in 2011. State Street was a presenting sponsor of the conference that featured nationally recognized business, government, academia and arts leaders who addressed issues related to education, healthcare, housing and employment.

Tammy Selby
Jewish Care Leonard Sainer
Special Day Care Centre Volunteer
Principal, European Client Service
State Street Global Advisors,

Tammy and her colleagues organized a volunteer day at the Jewish Care Leonard Sainer Special Day Care Centre in November 2011 to give members an enjoyable and stimulating day, while giving family and caretakers some time to themselves. The day included baking, arts and crafts, quizzes, computer games, beauty treatments and a tea-dance. The Jewish Care Leonard Sainer Special Day Care Centre is an establishment that provides programming for people who have memory impairment and/or a diagnosis of a type of dementia.