Forces of Motivation

The Long and Short of It

Years of focusing on short-term gains has left the investment industry at a loss. It’s time to get back to basics. Exploring how motivation shapes financial outcomes, our Center for Applied Research found that purpose, habits and incentives – what we define as phi – can help organizations refocus their strategies on long-term, sustainable performance.


*Based on the 2016 CAR Motivation Study

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There’s no shortage of published information about the investment industry. Zeroing in on what’s relevant to you — while it’s still relevant — is the challenge.

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State Street Explainer Series

Regulations. Explained.

While the global regulatory changes on the horizon are complex, their explanation doesn't have to be. Our Explainer Series outlines five regulations you should be ready for - in terms you don't need a regulatory law degree to understand.

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Inside Track

Embracing a Changing Market

The global asset management industry is undergoing big changes. Assets are shifting in a dramatic way between generations and new technologies are poised to anticipate our own investment decisions before we do. The impact of these changes and what’s coming next is about to be profound.

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Ahead of the Market

Transforming for a New World

Faced with a volatile investment climate, official institutions may need to re-evaluate their strategies and ensure they have the capabilities to adapt. But some are more agile than their peers – and it shows. In their approach to risk. Their technology. And their skills.


Asset Managers

Opportunities for Optimism?

Traditional ways of doing business are changing, but asset managers are optimistic about creating long-term value for clients. Our global survey of 400 asset managers,* conducted by FT Remark, reveals four “value drivers” that define a roadmap for the industry. Are you ready?

* State Street 2015 Asset Manager Survey conducted by FT Remark in April and May 2015.



Making Connections

Unexpected Risk?
Meet Unexpected Data.

Risk can come from anywhere. So can solutions. In this age
of volatility, investors have surprising sources of information
that can help them enhance transparency and identify exposure.