Through partnerships with Boston University Center for Finance, Law & Policy and The Fletcher School, Tufts University; the Center for Applied Research continues to serve as a thought leader for the investment management industry.

The Boston University Center for Finance, Law & Policy

The Boston University Center for Finance, Law & Policy is an interdisciplinary, collaborative unit that engages the component schools and colleges of the University, as well as experts from business, economic development and government to address today’s critical financial, regulatory and policy challenges.

The Fletcher School/Tufts University

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Initiative (SWFI) is a leading independent forum on global investment and sovereign wealth management housed at the Center for Emerging Market Enterprises (CEME) at The Fletcher School/Tufts University. SWFI's mission is to identify, analyze, and frame solutions for the issues and challenges of Sovereigns and other large global institutional investors while facilitating dialog and independent thinking between and among public and private sector investors.

As a leading educational institution, SWFI provides world-class educational resources to expand the capacity of SWFs, other official institutions, and global investors to develop human capital.