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 A New Data and Analytics Toolkit for Asset Managers

January 2014

The asset management industry is experiencing strong growth, but not all asset managers are equipped for the new investment climate. They need more advanced data tools to support the multi-asset investment solutions that many institutional investors now demand. They also need global and highly flexible reporting platforms to keep up with regulatory changes taking place across multiple jurisdictions.

Success in the coming years will depend on asset managers’ ability to extract insights and value from huge volumes of investment data. This report explains how a new data toolkit can help them outperform the competition.


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About the Research

State Street commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to survey more than 400 asset owners and asset managers, to gather insights into how they are using investment data and analytics. The survey, which was conducted from August to September 2013, included 81 alternative asset managers. Among all respondents, roughly one-third were based in North America, one-third in Asia Pacific and one-third in Europe.