State Street Explainer Series

Blockchain in Five

As new products shake up the market, we'll work with you to make sense of them and help you understand how they can fit with your business.

June 2016

With quick distribution, verification and transaction recordkeeping, blockchain's appeal is easy to see. To identify, explore and prototype it, we're tackling this fintech challenge through three approaches. 

Internal Development

By automating more processes, we can help our clients create greater efficiencies in their own business. That's why we've launched a handful of experiments with blockchain to see how it can be used for institutional banking, as well as for processing and monitoring loans and other financial products.  


Connecting with startups, such as participants in the FinTech Sandbox, helps us see new ideas and better understand how we can integrate software development into our innovation strategy. Our goal? Give clients products that operate faster and more efficiently. 

Industry Initiatives

In September 2015, we were one of nine banks to join the R3 blockchain consortium leading the research and development of blockchain in the financial industry. By participating in industry initiatives, we're proud to help frame the development of this fintech revolution.