Insurance Companies Face the Future

Blueprint for Growth

June 2013

The insurance industry is experiencing deep structural change. Flat sales, new regulations, poor investment returns, changing demographics and new technologies are forcing companies to adapt and innovate.

Our global survey of more than 300 senior insurance industry executives reveals that despite these challenges, many in the industry are optimistic that product innovation, new distribution channels and expansion into emerging markets will provide a path to profitable and sustainable growth over the coming years.

Take a look at our report for the full story, plus additional insights from in-depth interviews with key players from the insurance industry.


About the Research

For this survey, State Street commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to conduct a global survey of senior insurance industry executives. Of the 307 respondents, the largest proportion (53 percent) were from life insurance companies, with 19 percent from property and casualty firms, 12 percent from diversified insurers, and the rest from reinsurers and health insurers. In addition Longitude Research conducted in-depth interviews with corporate leaders and other industry experts.



Rapid growth, the emergence of a large and affluent middle class and impressively high saving rates combine to create huge opportunities for fund managers with their eyes set on growth.