Sector Insights

The Innovator's Journey

Pathways to Data Dexterity

February 2015

Advanced data tools and practices are driving powerful change in the investment industry. But this is a complex topic, and the right path isn’t always clear.

Our new research with 400 investment firms charts the Innovator’s Journey — a quest to a high level of data capability we call “data dexterity.”

For many, the true potential of investment data and analytics is coming into focus. It’s no longer a question of whether to go on the journey, but how to speed up your progress. First, you must know where you are and how to stay on track.

We’ve outlined a roadmap for success in a data-driven world.


About the Research

In October and November 2014, Longitude Research conducted a global survey of 400 senior executives at investment firms, on behalf of State Street. We asked respondents to self-assess their confidence and progress across six data capabilities, including infrastructure, insight, adaptability, compliance, talent and governance. The respondents were drawn from 11 countries, with the majority from the US, China, France, Germany and the UK. The full survey sample is split evenly between asset managers and asset owners.