A New Standard for Success

Real Estate Managers Respond to Higher Demands

April 2014

The environment for investing in alternative assets, including real estate, has changed significantly in the past several years. The global financial crisis marked a significant turn for the industry as institutional investors looked to alternatives to diversify their portfolios. To tap into this new demand, managers are flooding the market with new and innovative products and solutions.

Successive waves of global regulatory reform and the great levels of scrutiny they are imposing are strongly influencing the current landscape. At the same time, investors, armed with lessons learned in the financial crisis, have new and higher expectations from their alternative fund managers. To learn more about these dynamics in the alternatives industry, State Street collaborated with Preqin in September 2013 for an extensive survey of 400 alternative fund managers globally, with 15 percent representing real estate.



To be successful, real estate managers should be taking steps to meet investors’ requirements.