Pensions with Purpose

We’ve put together five videos that outline the bold
steps pension fund are taking to overhaul their models.   

February 2016

The global pension industry is facing some big challenges in its mission to deliver the best retirement outcomes for citizens. Our latest research of 400 pension fund professionals* shows there are five things pension funds should do to own their future:

Own the Outcome

Today, 12 percent of the world’s population is aged 60 or over. By 2050, this will have nearly doubled.** Global pension systems must be ready to deliver a secure pension in retirement. Are they rising to the challenge?


Own the Strategy

Today's new generation of investors is closely looking at meeting social objectives.* This requires pension funds to push further in examining sustainable investing strategies. Are they prepared?  


Own the Risks

Longevity risk is an acute challenge for pension funds around the world. As life expectancy increases, how prepared are pension funds to face this growing concern?


Own the Efficiency

Pension funds are under pressure to cut costs. Their challenge: operate more efficiently while maintaining strong investment returns. What does this mean for industry consolidation?


Own the Talent

Many pension funds are bringing aspects of their investment strategy in-house. How will they manage this shift?


* State Street Asset Owner study, 2015
** United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2015). World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision.