Executive Leadership

Management Committee

Joseph L. Hooley

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Ronald O'Hanley

President and Chief Operating Officer

Eric Aboaf

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey N. Carp

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer

Jeff Conway

Global Head of Operations, Infrastructure, and Business Transformation

Andrew Erickson

Executive Vice President and Head of Global Services

Hannah Grove

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Kathy Horgan

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources and Citizenship Officer

Karen Keenan

Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer

Andrew Kuritzkes

Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer

Lou Maiuri

Executive Vice President, Head of Global Markets and Global Exchange

Elizabeth Nolan

Executive Vice President

Wai-Kwong Seck

Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific

Antoine Shagoury

Executive Vice President and Global Chief Information Officer

George Sullivan

Executive Vice President, Head of Alternative Investment Solutions

Cyrus Taraporevala

President and Chief Executive Officer, State Street Global Advisors