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Connecting to China

China took a big step forward in opening up its capital markets with the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program. How will this help global investors access the benefits of China’s economy in the years ahead? Steven Xavier Chan, our head of regulatory, industry and government affairs in the region, takes a closer look.

China is Finally Within Reach with Stock Connect

Our aim is to enhance and preserve the value of your portfolio. We develop strategies to make that happen. We back our trading and securities lending with our own technology to manage risk, and with flow research that shows how investors are behaving. Because we’re based in 29 markets and operate in 100, you’re always connected to what matters, as it happens.

The Risk Challenge

More Risk on the Horizon

More Risk on the Horizon

Pension funds are getting ready to take on more risk in the next three years, says our latest research. They’re looking to hike returns in a flat market. But how can they spend their bigger risk budget in a way that adds up to bottom line benefit?

**State Street 2014 Asset Owner survey, conducted by Economist Intelligence Unit in August 2014.

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Industry Trends

Frontline Revolution

How Safe is Your Technology?

The potential for growth in asset management is huge. New investors, new markets. But it’s a changing world out there, and investors are looking for solutions that can help them achieve specific goals. How will this affect the way asset managers develop their products? And what tools and talent do they need to succeed in this new environment?

***State Street 2014 Asset Manager survey, conducted by FT Remark in April and May 2014.

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Buy-side institutions can make their FX spot trades more efficient with Trucross/FX℠. Our new solution matches buy and sell orders in automated daily sessions, with prices benchmarked to the market. That means less chance of information about trades getting out in advance. And less volatility.

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