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BlockCross ATS

For greater control and efficiency in your search for natural block liquidity, BlockCross is an industry-leading Alternative Trading System (ATS) for buy-side traders. BlockCross ATS aims to help improve the block trading experience by facilitating increased crossing rates. Implementing blotter integration, along with BlockCross’ advanced workflow, lets traders maintain complete control of their orders and still benefit from natural order-matching opportunities. This method of accessing an expanded spectrum of liquidity results in higher hit rates, reduced information leakage and lower opportunity costs.

Advance Your Workflow and Maximize Control

The next-generation OMS / EMS order blotter integration creates an efficient workflow that enables participation with BlockCross liquidity while keeping your orders completely uncommitted. Our user interface is highly customizable and contains features designed to maximize liquidity opportunities without creating additional complexity or distraction on the trader’s desktop.

Access Unique and Significant Liquidity

What truly differentiates our BlockCross venue is our unique liquidity profile and consistent flow of larger blocks across a wide variety of equity securities. This controlled exposure to algorithm, program and sell-side order flow creates safe access and leads to high crossing rates.

Avoid Insignificant Opportunities and Small Prints

Required order sizes maintain the integrity of the participants and liquidity, while ensuring that each opportunity identified by BlockCross is worth your attention. You’ll have the flexibility to work in a highly discrete, “noiseless” manner or choose to “narrow cast” buy-side only IOIs to increase interest without widely broadcasting intent.

Trusted Partner

BlockCross users are transacting on the platform of a leading global institution and can be confident all post-trade activity will be completed efficiently. Additionally, clients can access a range of related services including Commission Management, a comprehensive offering that can help alleviate your administrative burden and/or may increase the value of your commission dollars.

Note: BlockCross is an SEC-registered ATS that operates in the US only.