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Investment Analytics

Portfolio Analysis

Institutional investors continue to harness the power of data and analytics to improve earnings,  manage risks and meet evolving regulatory requirements. However, in today’s continually changing marketplace, the speed, sophistication and volume of information has created complex data management challenges.

As you look to gain an understanding into performance drivers and make strategic business decisions, you need more than standard reporting, querying and information delivery tools.  With Active Analytics, powered by DataGX, you can quickly explore insights and connect to the information most relevant to your business. The solution enhances the breadth of data managed within our performance measurement offering and delivers access to interactive dashboards, role-based performance analytics, customized reporting and manager oversight tools.

Powerful Data, Analytics and Reporting On-Demand

Transform your data into valuable information. With the ability to combine and view multiple variables at the same time, Active Analytics will provide you with greater transparency to make more informed and timely decisions. Active Analytics allows you to dynamically monitor investment activities and gauge the impact of various strategy decisions with what-if scenario analysis. Data pivoting will help you spot trends, analyze impact of evolving market conditions and allow you to visually gain insight into underlying performance drivers across regions, sectors or industries.

Our intuitive user interface allows you to dynamically explore and analyze multi-dimensional data within seconds. With the ability to dynamically build aggregations, overlay data sets on visualizations, you can customize content, build visual analytics, easily change parameters and generate reports that can be easily shared with your peers.