Data and Analytics
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Data Dexterity

Data Must Evolve. Here’s How.

A crisis looms for firms daunted by data. We outline the decisive actions every firm must take to overcome obstacles and evolve from data starters to data innovators.


We help asset owners and managers decide a strategy and put it into action. We offer research and advice that give you insight. And we offer information and data management plus analytics that help you plot those results and manage risk.

We work across asset classes. We cover transactions from start to finish. And we shape what we offer around what you need. The result is that you zero in on the opportunities that create the most value.

Industry Trends

Own the Retirement Challenge

56% of DB only funds will introduce a DC scheme or a hybrid model

Pension funds are taking bold steps to overhaul their models. Outcome. Strategy. Risk. Efficiency. Talent. The most innovative are re-evaluating their approach and proceeding with a confidence that comes from clear ownership of these challenges.


*State Street Asset Owners Survey, 2015


The Data Challenge

Data Leader or Data Laggard?

In an age of vast amounts of information, volume doesn’t mean value. Turning data into knowledge and opportunity means managing and analyzing it.

Not everyone is on track. We talked to than 400 asset managers and owners and found a clear divide. Data leaders are using data to get ahead. Data laggards are struggling to realize its potential.

Our report looks at the challenges and opportunities for each.

How do you measure up?

Fueling Innovation

A Digital Revolution

Technology, digitalization and automation are at the forefront of our industry. See how we’re using real-time information to give clients the insights they need to manage their investments and generate returns.