Data and Analytics
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State Street VerusSM

Making Connections to
Drive Smarter Decisions

The sheer volume of global news makes us susceptible to information overload. Streamline your newsfeed and identify connections between market events and your portfolio holdings with our mobile application State Street Verus.


We help asset owners and managers decide a strategy and put it into action. We offer research and advice that give you insight. And we offer information and data management plus analytics that help you plot those results and manage risk.

We work across asset classes. We cover transactions from start to finish. And we shape what we offer around what you need. The result is that you zero in on the opportunities that create the most value.

Investable Indices

A Smarter Investment Model

IntelliGXSM, our suite of investable indices, introduces a new phase of dynamic indexing. With built-in data sensitivity, our indices adjust to changing market conditions, offering greater transparency, flexibility and liquidity.


What's New

Investor Confidence
Declined in June by
2.1 points to 101.7

The Global Investor Confidence Index decreased to 101.7, down 2.1 points from May’s revised reading of 103.8. The decline in sentiment was driven by a 10.8 drop in the European ICI to 90.8 along with the 0.8 point decrease in the Asian ICI to 102.6. By contrast, the North American ICI rose by 0.8 points to 105.7.


Curated Ideas + Machine Learning

State Street Quantextual

The volume of information we get in our inboxes every day far outpaces our ability to consume it. To help you process this data overload, our QuantextualSM Idea Lab combines the power of machine learning with the knowledge of human experts.


Finance Reimagined

The Future is Digital

Digital disruption is rewriting the rule book in the financial services industry. For those leading the pack, the future is bright. See how mastering the “three I’s” of data can help give you an edge.



Mind and Machine

With training and contextual knowledge from humans, computers spit out massive amounts of information every second. This collaboration with technology is what’s behind the power of machine learning – and it’s what will continue to help us do things we never thought possible.