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Efficient consumption of research is essential for identifying investment opportunities and managing risk. Today, the speed, sophistication and volume of information has outpaced our ability to consume it.

Investment professionals are inundated with hundreds of reports from the sell side, the buy side and academia. With limited time — and no efficient way to wade through the overabundance of information — investors may overlook or delete important research insights, letting good ideas slip in the process.

To help you meet these challenges, we developed QuantextualSM Idea Lab.

Quantextual Idea Lab combines the quantitative power of machine learning with the context human knowledge provides. As part of the next generation of intelligent client solutions introduced by State Street Global ExchangeSM, Quantextual Idea Lab can help you quickly synthesize the research you need to fuel effective investment strategies.

Whether you’re a portfolio manager or an investment professional, Quantextual Idea Lab helps you consume and act on the investment research most relevant to you and enrich your team’s investment research process.

Quantextual Idea Lab delivers:

  • A private, searchable research cloud. Automatically upload and forward your research reports from subscriptions into your own private Idea Lab cloud.
  • Personalized user experience. Our recommendations are based on your research interests and behaviors learned from your interactions with the solution.
  • Extended, intuitive search capabilities. Custom research aggregation allows you to quickly identify relevant areas and implement actionable insights to your investment strategies.