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Innovation and Advisory


We’re always looking for new ways to generate value for our front-office clients. Our IntelliGX solution is a suite of rules-based investment strategies designed for institutional investors like you. The suite of investable indices will address several of your most important requirements, including:

  • Investment process transparency: We provide comprehensive model specifications that allow you to view the theoretical foundations and quantitative modeling. Investment process transparency allows risk and investment management professionals and regulators to easily assess the portfolio composition and related risks.
  • Valuation transparency and independence: Consistent with best practices and to help ensure pricing transparency, we provide the models and the weights — and use third party calculation agents for independent validation and ongoing price calculations.
  • Liquidity: Our investable indices are implemented through publicly traded instruments. Such liquidity helps provide more efficient risk management and flexible reallocation of your investments.
  • Cost-effective implementation: We provide pure investment content, enabling us to offer lower-cost access to customized investment strategies. Using our licensing solution, you are able to extend your research and model development capabilities at a variable cost.



Why IntelliGX?

The Research Advantage – Bridging Finance and Academia

State Street has established partnerships with forward-thinking academics from leading academic institutions to bridge the worlds of financial theory and practice. Our global staff of multidisciplinary researchers — from economists and mathematicians, to engineers and astrophysicists — contributes to and draws from academia. Each brings diverse perspectives, original research and unique investigative methods that challenge the status quo.

We have developed an infrastructure for reading, evaluating, synthesizing and distilling academic and practitioner literature presented around the globe. Through leveraging this information and applying our renowned State Street Associates® research on asset allocation, risk management and liquidity — we transform valuable knowledge into implementable investment strategies. Working closely as collaborative partners, we incorporate your input to develop customized applications, tools and investable product models to help solve your specific investment needs.

The Information Advantage – Deep and Expanding Insights

Our IntelliGX solution combines insights from academia with robust and differentiated datasets. Our research and advisory teams apply sophisticated quantitative analysis to test hypotheses emerging from the latest academic journals and articles. Using data science techniques, we efficiently extract valuable investment insights from multiple types and sources of information. The combination of our research and information advantages provide you with a wide spectrum of investor behavior, risk and macroeconomic indicators, as well as market trends and performance — to develop customized strategies, enhance performance and help manage risk.