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Order Management

If you’re a buy-side firm that needs to quickly generate orders, you can benefit from our order management software, which is available as an integrated element of our performance and attribution solution.

GX Order Management lets you efficiently generate orders either for quick-and-easy single entries, or by running algorithms to automatically rebalance entire portfolios. You can do this for single or multiple portfolios.

When combined with GX Performance & Attribution you’ll have a broad solution that supports your end-to-end investment lifecycle — from order decision to compliance, trading and booking transactions. You can rely on it to:

  • Monitor your single or multiple portfolios simultaneously, in views you define
  • Model against target weights, values and positions — in the analysis tree or via order mask
  • Run algorithms to automatically generate orders for multiple portfolios
  • Perform integrated pre-trade compliance — including rule checks, authorization and order validation
  • Keep a complete audit trail throughout all stages of the order

You can choose to have the combined solution as hosted software plus service or as software installed locally, with data stored securely in a private cloud.