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Investment Analytics

Foreign Exchange Cost Analysis

Designed for institutional investors, our foreign exchange (FX) trade cost analysis will help you improve the transparency of your executions. We benchmark your executions against other participants and analyze your trading effectiveness.

You’ll receive reports that include key information about your FX trades, including:

  • Quantified foreign exchange trading and greater precision with trade-time information, time stamped to show prevailing prices
  • Outlier trades identified away from the market, so you can enhance your best-execution review processes
  • Trading compared versus the FX market, with insight into the difficulty of the trading environment
  • A summary of total trading, deeper analysis of each counterparty bank by currency pair, and a breakout of 10 high and low costs
  • More efficient monitoring of your principal traded, and implied costs by bank and currency
  • Insight that will help your C-suite improve your best practices