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Investment Compliance

Compliance is an increasingly challenging task, with more regulations and complex guidelines that requires fast reaction and powerful technology.

GX Compliance (MIG21©) helps automate the compliance process from data sourcing, integration and management; pre-and post-trade compliance checking; in-depth rule results investigation; and breach management. It also incorporates a dedicated reporting solution.

The system supports administration of regulatory, prospectus and internal investment guidelines, which can be monitored through breach resolution workflows and audited by the business. In addition, our LawCard service provided client with the transposition of multiple regulations across the world (UCITs, AIFMD, 1940 Act, shareholding disclosure, etc.) into rule libraries as well as regulatory updates. The GX Compliance can be deployed locally or hosted.

Major global and specialist players in the financial community, including asset managers, hedge funds, fund administrators and custodians [including State Street], use GX Compliance in their everyday compliance operations.

Pre-Trade, Post-Trade Engine

GX Compliance provides both pre-and post-trade compliance checking. It can be integrated with a variety of front-office systems (in-house and vendor) and used as a single, central compliance engine platform.

Orders can be checked and recorded in real time at any stage of the trade life cycle based on single orders, orders with multiple allocations as well as basket/list orders. Post-trade checks can be performed based on an end-of-day process (including transactions and holdings) as well as on an Ex-post process.

Rule Building

GX compliance is delivered with an intuitive rule builder, so that business users can directly create interest rules without relying on IT resources. Rules can be assigned to be assigned to funds and fund structures and evaluated at any level: holdings, transactions, look-through on derivatives and funds. The process is governed by a maker/checker process so that all the actions are recorded in an audit trail and can be reviewed.

Result Investigation and Resolutions Workflow

Rule result can be investigated with the full drill-down including the details of the calculations. Users can manage exceptions based on a breach resolution workflow, so they can actively monitor compliance results from their detection until their resolution. For example, users can escalate multiple exceptions in a single action and ensure that necessary actions such as emails and reporting are performed on time.

Data Management

Up-to-date and accurate data is critical in compliance reporting. That is why GX Compliance includes data management functionality, to help reduce the risk of data-related checking errors. Users can correct, enrich and enter new data based on a maker-checker process. Actions are recorded in the audit log and can be based on overriding rules with the data sources.

A Bloomberg Data Feed connector is also available to automatically import data using your Bloomberg Data License. Other data providers can also be used to source data.



GX Compliance is delivered with a dedicated reporting solution. In addition to standard reports, you can create custom reports that can include complex calculations and reflect client’s corporate identity requirements. In addition, reports can be generated on demand, run automatically or be triggered based on events.


Data Sourcing, Mapping and Configuration

GX compliance can source of data from multiple sources and data formats, create any field without limitation and map these fields with any data source. It is also possible to configure calculated and conditional attributes. In addition, the system is provided with a powerful configuration workflow engine.

Advanced Technology

GX Compliance technology can support large volumes. Clients can monitor thousands of funds located in multiple locations based on a single installation.

Beyond Investment Compliance

Our flexible solution enables clients to centralize multiple compliance and oversight functions. In that respect, GX Compliance can monitor multiple requirements such as investment compliance, cash flow monitoring, shareholder disclosure, NAV oversight or reconciliation.