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DIY Time for Pension Funds?

Returns are under pressure. Funding gaps are growing. Some pension funds are managing more of their portfolios themselves. We talked to 130 senior pension funds globally and found that this DIY approach extends to operations and governance. But what should they do alone and where do they need outside experts?

*State Street 2014 Asset Owner survey, conducted by Economist Intelligence Unit in August 2014

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Providing beneficiaries with a steady income over a long period is tougher than ever. Underwhelming returns. Stubbornly low interest rates. A combination that demands a fresh approach to risk.

We have the know-how and technology to keep you in control. And we know our way round all the markets that count — our network covers more than 100 of them. So you’ll have local insight on your side as well as the global view.

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As an industry we’ve historically been good at helping people save while working – now we must get better at helping people move from employment to retirement. That means protecting capital, managing longevity risk and providing sufficient cash flow throughout retirement.

Anthony Rodwell-Ball

Chief Executive Officer, NGS Super 

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Getting Governance Right

Pension funds are changing how they operate. They are insourcing asset management and adopting more complex assets and investment strategies. Are their governance models fit for purpose? Our head of asset owner solutions in the Americas, Martin Sullivan, explains why governance is a timely question for today’s pension funds.

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