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Balancing Act

All investors need to balance risk and return. But official institutions face some unique constraints, given their size and commitments. We spoke with 62 executives at central banks, sovereign wealth funds, and public pension reserve funds about how they manage their priorities.

*State Street 2014 Official Institutions survey, conducted by FT Remark in January and February 2014

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Protecting the Wealth

Making financial decisions that affect a nation’s wealth is a huge responsibility.

We partner with central banks, sovereign wealth funds and other official institutions to help them address their biggest challenges.

We give you analytical support to manage risks, no matter how complex your holdings. We work with you to find solid returns, even in a tough environment. We can support you across asset classes and markets providing global scale, but local insight and knowledge when you need it. And we’ve earned our clients’ trust with our emphasis on confidentiality and data security.

Contact our official institutions solutions team to talk about how we can help your organization.


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Points of View

“Having learned that traditional methods for measuring risk are inadequate, official institutions are seeking more reliable metrics to assess exposure to loss.”

Mark Kritzman

Chief Executive Officer, Windham Capital Management and Founding Partner of State Street Associates

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Inside Track

New Markets Bring New Challenges

Official institutions are facing up to a low interest rate environment and volatile markets. Many are looking to emerging markets as they adapt their investment strategies. As they do so, they must manage greater complexity and fresh risks. Our head of official institutions for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Rod Ringrow, takes a closer look at the challenges ahead in this Financial Times article.

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