Boston WINs

Stronger Together

We launched Boston Workforce Investment Network, Boston WINs, in June 2015. The mission? Strengthen Boston’s future workforce by advancing job readiness for local youth today.


Our Values

Guiding our Decisions

The lasting relationships we build with our employees, clients, shareholders and communities are the foundation of our business. One way we keep these stakeholders at the heart of everything we do is through our commitment to corporate responsibility (CR). It’s infused across our corporate strategy and values, and is an important part of our way ahead.

Me, Biased?
listen. culture

Me, Biased?

Language bias. Age bias. Computer bias. Turns out, bias is more common in the workplace than we realized. So how do we move past it? The most important action we can take is to become aware of our unconscious bias and take note of when it crops up in our lives.


listen. culture

It’s a Woman's World

As an industry we have the opportunity to raise our collective IQ. And it all starts with this one (pretty simple) hiring practice.


Stronger Together

State Street Alumni Network

Staying connected with colleagues – both past and present — is an important part of career development. To make it easy for our former
State Street colleagues to connect with each other and our company, we’ve built a vibrant alumni network.


Stronger Together

Creating Opportunity

In 2015, we awarded 187 grants totalling $13.5 million to nonprofit organizations based near our headquarters in Boston.

These grants will help give children and adults access to better education and new skills to improve their chances in life. We believe it’s the best way to create real change and lasting economic benefits in the communities where we operate.

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