Boston WINs

We launched Boston Workforce Investment Network (Boston WINs) in June 2015. The mission? Strengthen Boston’s future workforce by advancing job readiness for local youth today.

Boston WINs is our multi-year $20-million venture philanthropy initiative founded and led by the State Street Foundation in partnership with five high-performing nonprofits focused on education and career development. Through this financial support and a collaborative approach, our partners will scale their reach so that more Boston youth will receive key services to prepare them for college and career success. Boston WINs creates career pathways for Boston youth, and we create an emerging market of sustainable talent that will benefit the entire Boston community.

Meet Our Partners

We selected our Boston WINs partners based on multiple criteria, including impact track record, capacity to manage growth/scale, strength of management team, collaboration track record and culture. Our search led us to five high-performing nonprofits: Bottom Line, College Advising Corps, Boston Private Industry Council (PIC), uAspire and Year Up.


By combining the unique strengths of these five organizations, we’re creating a strong support network that follows Boston youth from high school into the workforce.

Here’s How It Works

What’s unique about Boston WINs is its impact-driven, connected approach. Together, State Street Foundation and our five high-performing partner organizations work toward a common goal — supporting youth along the continuum from high school to a career. The model offers several pathways for success:

And we’re committed to delivering measurable, tangible results. The Boston WINs model supports and depends on collaboration. The funding our partners receive allows them to do more than they could on their own. The result is a meaningful impact:  As part of the initiative, we’ve committed to hiring 1,000 Boston youth over the course of the next four years.