• Drivers of Change: Performance and Risk

    As investors become more knowledgeable, alternative fund managers will need to become more proactive and responsive.

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    More than 50 percent of alternative fund managers rated investor demands for transparency around risk and performance as one of the biggest drivers of change.

  • Asset Class Snapshot - Real Estate

    Real estate managers are poised to expand their business over the next five years by adding investment strategies and expanding into new regions. But to take advantage of these opportunities, they will need to address a host of complex challenges.

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  • Operational Excellence Under New Standards

    While navigating squeezing fees and costly regulations, alternative fund managers are also under pressure to have institutional-quality back-office operations and robust infrastructure.

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    Of the 86 percent of alternative fund managers who expect their costs to rise, 75 percent are optimistic rising costs will not constrain their growth.

  • Asset Class Snapshot - Hedge Funds

    Hedge fund managers view the changes taking place in their industry as being primarily investor-driven. In response, they are introducing new products and fee structures – but this might not be enough. Most hedge funds have not made fundamental changes to their risk and operational strategies – an issue that will need to be addressed to gain a competitive edge.

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  • Making the Most of Data and Analytics

    As investor demands increase, the need for robust data and analytics also rises.

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    Surprisingly, only 15 percent of alternative fund managers have used new technologies to assess performance and risk.

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  • Prospering in an Uncertain Regulatory Environment

    What was first perceived as an operational burden is turning out to be an opportunity, since regulations provide the transparency and oversight some investors need to feel comfortable investing.

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    Only 27 percent of private equity managers see regulation as one of their greatest challenges, compared to 41 percent of hedge fund managers and 40 percent of real estate managers.

  • Asset Class Snapshot - Private Equity

    Private equity managers view investors' demands for transparency as the top driver of change in their industry. In response, they are taking a range of actions: 59 percent of private equity managers are improving alignment with evolving industry standards such as ILPA, BVCA and EVCA and 35 percent of managers are enhancing investor services functions to improve responses to investor inquiries.

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  • Raising Capital Among Fierce Competition

    Strategy and infrastructure are becoming increasingly important as alternative fund managers look to gain a competitive edge.

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    82 percent of all alternative fund managers say that fundraising is one of their greatest challenges.