New Horizons for Official Institutions

As investment demands shift and competition intensifies, asset managers are competing across a number of fronts to unlock a new wave of growth. Our 2014 global study with 300 asset managers, conducted by FT Remark, reveals they are focused on transforming their operational model and investing in the tools and talent they need to take advantage of new opportunities.

  • 54%

    More than half of survey respondents see major opportunities to improve their operational efficiency.

  • Key Highlights

    Business Transformation

    Asset managers must have the right business model in place to be able to roll out and support new products that meet clients' changing investment objectives. Where necessary, they will look to enhance their core capability through strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

  • 65%

    Almost two-thirds of survey respondents expect to invest in skills training over the next three years.

  • Around the Regions

    Country snapshots featuring insights from our 2014 Asset Manager Survey, conducted by FT Remark:

    Australia, UK, US, Germany, Canada
  • Talent and Capabilities

    To keep up with changing client demands, asset managers need to equip their staff with the skills and knowledge to support a wider range of products, including more complex multi-asset solutions.

  • Key Highlights

    A Competitive Toolkit

    With more investors now setting outcome-based objectives, asset managers must have the tools to measure and report back on the performance of their clients' investments. Providing this greater transparency is also seen as a key competitive advantage when attracting new assets.

  • 85%

    The vast majority of survey respondents expect to invest in performance analytics over the next three years.

  • Key Highlights