Changing Shape of European Management

Changing investor needs, intense regulatory reform and demographic change are among the factors driving increased complexity for European asset managers. Drawing on our comprehensive survey with asset managers from across 25 countries, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, we examine the opportunities and challenges at a critical time for the industry.

  • 45%

    Over two-fifths of survey respondents say they will struggle to achieve sufficient scale with in-house systems to deliver on data needs.

  • 49%

    Almost half of survey respondents say providing detailed, high-quality information to clients is one of the greatest data challenges they face.

  • 45%

    Attracting the right talent is the most important capability for nearly half of survey respondents who want to expand their business globally.

  • 85%

    Four out of ten survey respondents say they need more local regulatory knowledge to navigate global markets.

  • 72%

    Nearly three-quarters of survey respondents say that risk, regulations, diversification – and yield – drive institutional investors' decisions.


Volume 1 – The Changing Shape of European Investment Management: Structural Change

Volume 2 – The Changing Shape of European Investment Management: Regulatory Change