New Horizons for Official Institutions

Drawing on a survey of 200 asset managers in Asia Pacific, we identify the opportunities available and explore the complex landscape that asset managers in the region must navigate. Our research reveals that while major challenges exist, asset managers have a clear vision of what it takes to succeed in this environment.

  • 52%

    Over half of survey respondents say their firms need to make significant changes to their systems and processes to meet diverse reporting requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

  • Key Highlights

    Navigating Fragmented Markets

    Asia's fragmented markets create a range of challenges for asset managers seeking to expand across the region. Multiple reporting requirements and diverse regulatory regimes create the need to manage complexity. Product and distribution strategies must also be tailored to specific market needs.

  • 69%

    Nearly seven in every ten survey respondents view the ability to efficiently scale their operations as a serious challenge.

  • Scaling Operations

    Asset managers must invest in systems that are flexible enough to adapt to future demands. At the same time, they need to ensure they have robust controls across their operations, and understand all sources of risk.

  • Key Highlights

    Delivering Product Innovation

    Developing new products is one of the top three challenges for survey respondents. To deliver innovation in this area, asset managers must have a deep insight into investor demand, as well as the right technology and an understanding of regulatory impacts on new product development.

  • 47%

    Almost half of survey respondents say they need to gain a deeper understanding of investor appetites and product preferences.

  • Key Highlights