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Understanding the Challenges

Whether you are looking to expand your range of strategies or be more efficient, our insights can point you in the right direction. We've conducted in-depth global research to find out what challenges asset owners are facing – and more importantly – to deliver solutions that turn these challenges into opportunities.

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The Asset Owners' Perspective: Evolving Investment and Operational Models

The Asset Owners' Perspective: Evolving Investment and Operational Models

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Today's institutional asset owners are reconsidering their asset allocation strategies, striving to balance liquidity with returns, and emphasizing risk management. The Asset Owners' Perspective explores this new way thinking around investment and operating models post financial crisis.

In-depth research reveals key trends across the institutional asset owner community.

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63% of asset owners expect their data management challenges to increase over the next three years.

Data integration is a primary concern for institutional asset owners, with the talent gap next on the list.


Only 55% of asset owners are confident their portfolio investment data allows them to understand their total risk exposure.

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Evolving Superannuation Funds For The Future

Evolving Superannuation Funds For The Future

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The superannuation industry is evolving. We've conducted research with leaders throughout the industry to find out what's challenging, what's changing and what you can do to stay one step ahead. Hear from super fund CEOs, managers and specialists about key issues and how they're changing with the market for their members' best interests.

Industry experts take a closer look at member engagement and investment strategies.

Center For Applied Research: Get Engaged: Overcoming Member Barriers to Healthy Decision-Making

SSgA: Dampening Volatility, Achieving Growth and the Use of Alternative Investments

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Retirement Outcomes

“[Members] need someone who they can be in touch with on a frequent basis to help them feel sure they are on the right track.”


“By analysing the data, we then know [members'] certain trigger points that will lead us to financial and investment considerations.”


“We're all spending a lot more money [on regulation] than we originally intended to, in many instances to make relatively small changes to products.”

We have to move to individual solutions rather than one-size-fits-all.

Investment Organisation

“Every fund is different, but the point is that you need to match the resources of your fund to the needs of the fund.”

Investment Strategies

“We have tended to look at return and the global financial crisis taught us that we need to examine more closely the risk.”

*Quotes are from Evolving Superannuation Funds For The Future.

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Focus on the Future: Designing Tomorrow's Pension Plan

Focus On The Future: Designing Tomorrow's Pension Plan

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The European pensions industry is at a turning point. Funding gaps, regulatory reform and an ageing population are all forcing change. A report sponsored by State Street, “Focus on the Future: Designing Tomorrow's Pension Plan,” draws on insights from State Street and other key industry players to reveal new solutions to these challenges.

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Regulatory Scrutiny

Nearly 73% of European pension schemes say governance & risk management are a challenge.

Learn more in our webcast series.


Managing Funding Gaps

Two-thirds of pension plans report feeling under constant pressure to cut operating costs.

Learn more in our webcast series.


Operational Efficiency

63% say they have difficulty maintaining consistency in administration platforms across markets.

Learn more in our webcast series.


Data and Analytics

Only 42% of pension schemes are confident their data provides full insight into investment costs.


Country Snapshots featuring insights from the State Street European Pension Study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit:

Funding challenges are the No. 1 concern for European pension funds.

Investment Risk

Only 60% feel they have access to sufficient portfolio data to allow them to understand their total risk exposure.

Learn more in our webcast series.

Perspectives from State Street Global Advisors Defined Contribution

We offer a wide range of high-quality, low-cost institutional investment solutions to fit your DC plan. By bringing the resources and collaborative process to meet your plan and participant needs, we make retirement work. Learn more.

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