New Horizons for Official Institutions

Sovereign wealth funds, public pension reserve funds and central banks – collectively “official institutions” – need to be more adaptable than ever in a continually shifting investment environment. Our 2014 Official Institutions Survey, conducted by FT Remark, reveals they are focused on seizing the opportunities and managing the risks of a more complex global market.

  • 73%

    Nearly three-quarters of survey respondents say they struggle to keep up with global regulatory changes.

  • Managing Portfolio Complexity

    Official institutions are reassessing and redefining their investment strategies in the face of evolving market dynamics. They must also adapt to the continued growth in the value of assets under management and the rapidly changing regulatory environment.

  • 47%

    Almost half of survey respondents see improving their operational efficiency as a significant challenge.

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  • Optimizing Operations

    Official institutions must be agile enough to take advantage of new opportunities, while remaining resilient in the face of more complex challenges. They are looking to streamline operations, reduce costs and use their data to generate greater insight and value.

  • Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting Risk

    Official institutions face a more diverse range of risks than ever before. They must assess the dangers, find ways to manage them, and improve reporting to keep both internal and external stakeholders better informed.

  • 60%

    Six out of ten survey respondents have plans to significantly update their risk management systems.