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Brian Downer
Senior Vice President
Setting the Pace in a Complex Market
Keeping you ahead of a changing marketplace remains one of our top priorities. Over the past year, we continued to launch new capabilities and enhancements focused on delivering sophisticated investment analysis that mov...

EMEA Regulatory Insights
The regulatory environment is constantly changing. We’re here to help you keep pace. Read our most recent EMEA Regulatory Insights bulletin about the latest developments in Europe and in a number of Member States. Sin...

Alison Quirk
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources and Citizenship Officer
Put Millennials' Passion to Work
Around the water cooler, it's not uncommon to hear chatter about how millennials (the demographic cohort that follows Generation X, currently comprising people in their teens through early 30s) are perceived as impatient...

Rick Lacaille
Global Chief Investment Officer
The Evolving ESG Investing Field
We have a broad perspective on the field of ESG investing. Our clients trust us to manage $203.7 billion in ESG assets, which exposes us to a variety of client viewpoints and needs. The majority of our ESG investments ar...

Hannah Grove
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Social Networks Replace Break-Room Bulletin Boards
Reprinted from Ignites, July 2014 High-tech internal social networking systems are replacing break-room bulletin boards at some fund shops as a means of announcing company softball games or benefit plan changes. Compan...

Joseph L. Hooley
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Celebrating Employees Who Embody Our Values Through Their Extraordinary Work
At State Street, our corporate values define what we stand for and the leadership behaviors we want to encourage in each other. Twice a year, we ask employees to nominate colleagues who truly live our values of Always Fi...

Alan Greene
Executive Vice President
Demystifying Liquid Alternatives
Liquid alternatives present both opportunities and challenges for asset managers including distribution, organization and operations; however, product innovation is outpacing product education. A recently launched seri...

Let's Talk Complexity: A Playlist of TED Talks Curated by State Street
Through our partnership with TED, we create playlists of talks we think will be interesting to our clients. With the launch of our new research on asset managers, we’ve chosen a theme that is top of mind for this industr...

Chris Perretta
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Fostering Collaboration Through Information Technology
Q: Information technology (IT) at State Street has been undergoing a major transformation since 2010. How is this initiative making the company a better partner to clients? A: We’re working more closely than ever with o...

Hannah Grove
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
State Street TED Talks Boost Morale, Spotlight Innovation
Reprinted from Ignites, March 2014 U2 lead singer Bono and State Street graphic designer Joe Kowan have a thing or two in common. Not only are they musicians, but they are also TED Talk speakers whose 2013 talks each g...
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