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Jeffrey Conway
Executive Vice President
Regulatory Reform of the Derivatives Market: What Investors Should Know, How They Can Prepare
Major changes lie ahead for the global derivatives market with the forthcoming implementation of proposed regulatory frameworks, including the United States’ Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dod...

Alan Greene
Executive Vice President
Building Investor Confidence: A Guide for Mutual Fund Boards of Directors
In the wake of market disruptions, changing regulations and a weakened global economy, rebuilding investor confidence has become a top priority for the mutual fund industry. Today and moving forward, mutual fund boards o...

Simon Burgess
Vice President, State Street Global Services
Real Estate: New Opportunities for Investors
The real estate sector faces a fast-evolving environment, driven by the continuing implications of the financial crisis and the emergence of major new global investment opportunities. While there is a strong institutiona...

Jeffrey Conway
Executive Vice President
Derivatives Servicing: Meeting Regulatory Reform Head On
As regulatory reform progresses in the derivatives market, uncertainties remain for asset owners and managers. What is already clear, however, is that a paradigm shift lies ahead and that investors should take advantage ...

Jay Moore
Managing Director, State Street Global Markets
Passive Currency Management: Policy Decisions For Optimal Implementation
Investors were once content to focus solely on the attributes of global sectors, stocks or bonds in the belief that fluctuations between the value of their home currencies and the currencies in which these investments we...

Carol Hall
Senior Managing Director, State Street Global Services
Aiming High in Asia Pacific
Carol Hall of State Street talks to HFMWEEK about expectations for strong growth in the region, operational and regulatory challenges, and the expanding role of administrators Positive inflows into Asia-Pacific hedge f...

Sau Kwan_Headshot
Managing Director, Senior Vice President
Discussing China’s Funds Future
Despite China’s remarkable economic growth over the past three decades, Chinese assets remain significantly under-weighted in international fund portfolios. With China’s economy expected to continue its strong growth tra...

Carol Hall
Senior Managing Director, State Street Global Services
Private Equity in Asia: A Growing Opportunity
As investments around the world continue their long, slow recovery from the global financial crisis – notwithstanding bumps in the road due to European and US debt crises – private equity in Asia stands out as a particul...

George Sullivan
Executive Vice President
Focus on Cayman Islands
Changing investor needs and the evolving regulatory framework post-crisis are driving significant change and innovation in the hedge fund space. This wave of change has sparked debate about which hedge fund domiciles wil...

Gregory Taieb
Principal, State Street Global Advisors
Tactical Asset Allocation Revisited
Institutional investors traditionally consider their asset allocation mainly in strategic terms, focusing on the long-term target allocation and establishing portfolio objectives such as risk/return tolerance and funding...
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