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Pat Hayes
Head of Hedge Fund Operations – Ireland
Defining Hedge Fund Transparency - The Challenge of Balancing Risk Management and Alpha Generation
Pat Hayes writes about a new breed of fund administrators with a pivotal role in delivering the type of transparency that benefits hedge fund investors without overloading them with vast volumes of fund data and investme...

Catherine Simmons
Vice President
The Prospects and Challenges of Southeast Asian Financial Integration
With approximately $2 trillion in collective assets, the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are the equivalent of the world’s fifth largest market in terms of purchasing power. Since its establ...

William Slattery
Executive Vice President
UCITS IV: Risk Reporting Delivers Competitive Edge
Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) funds have gained global acceptance and success on the back of a strong record of sensible regulation, sound risk management and good governance. T...

William Slattery
Executive Vice President
UCITS IV Expands Scope for Risk Management
As the Ucits framework has evolved over the years, its reputation for robust risk management has been underpinned by the measures outlined in successive directives. Ucits IV represents another significant step forward in...

William Kinlaw
Senior Managing Director, Head of the Portfolio and Risk Management Research
New Measures of Systemic Risk
Systemic risk has emerged as a critical challenge for asset owners and managers around the world. But what exactly is systemic risk? Can it be measured? Can financial professionals deploy an early warning system to ident...

Ted Leveroni
Vice President
Managing Counterparty Risk with Collateral Services
In 2010, State Street announced the launch of its Collateral Tracking service to help asset managers and owners accurately assess and manage counterparty risk.  The solution rounds out our extensive collateral service of...

Robert Covino
Senior Vice President
True Hedge Fund of Fund Diversification Through a 'Convergent/Divergent' Approach
A Different View of Diversification During most financial crises, there is typically an increase in asset class correlation and periods of investor irrationality. These periods appear to be occurring more frequently and ...

Genevy Dimitrion
Vice President, Global Product Management
The Case for Standards in Financial Services
The case for standards in financial services has been hotly debated in recent years.  The benefit to the industry of adopting messaging standards are related to the efficiencies derived from sharing a common business voc...

William Kinlaw
Senior Managing Director, Head of the Portfolio and Risk Management Research
Turbulence, Systemic Risk, and Dynamic Portfolio Construction
Will Kinlaw, managing director and head of the Portfolio and Risk Management group for State Street Associates, was a presenter at the 16th annual Global Investment Conference, held in Banff, Alberta, Canada.  Below is a...

William Slattery
Executive Vice President
Master-Feeders Turn Spotlight on Pooling
The pooling of UCITS assets across national borders represents a key aspiration for European asset managers, as it would give them greater scale when marketing throughout the European Union. While the latest version of t...
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