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China/Hong Kong Mutual Recognition: Re-shaping the funds landscape
A Q&A with Catherine Simmons In November 2012, regulators from Hong Kong and mainland China established a working group to discuss the development of a mutual recognition platform for the cross-border sale of collective...

Martin Dobbins
Senior Vice President & Managing Director, State Street in Luxembourg
Focus on FATCA
A recent article, “Focus on FATCA,” published on looks at how the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) will affect the hedge fund industry, and what steps hedge funds managers should take to prepare for...

William Kinlaw
Senior Managing Director, Head of the Portfolio and Risk Management Research
Liquidity and Portfolio Choice: A Unified Approach
Will Kinlaw, Mark Kritzman, and David Turkington The authors propose a simple analytical construct for incorporating liquidity into portfolio choice. In cases where investors deploy liquidity to raise a portfolio’s expe...

Martin Dobbins
Senior Vice President & Managing Director, State Street in Luxembourg
FATCA: One Step Closer
US regulation to ensure that Americans who invest with so-called foreign financial institutions (FFIs) meet their US tax obligations has moved a step closer to full implementation. On January 18, 2013, the US Internal ...

Brian Downer
Senior Vice President
Keeping You Ahead Of The Changing Marketplace
Fast-moving global markets continued to put pressure on the financial services industry in 2012. Growing investor demands, widespread regulatory reform and new demographic trends increased complexity across the industry....

David Turkington
Managing Director, Portfolio and Risk Management
Regime Shifts: Implications for Dynamic Strategies
Regime shifts present significant challenges for investors because they cause performance to depart significantly from the ranges implied by long-term averages of means and covariances. But regime shifts also present opp...

Joyce O'Connor
Vice President
A Look at State Street Cash Manager™
Since 2006, State Street’s Securities, Banking and Treasury Management Services group (SBTMS) has been providing a comprehensive framework for reporting, research and payment management solutions. Joyce O’Connor, SBTMS v...

Pat Hayes
Head of Hedge Fund Operations – Ireland
Data Management
With investors demanding more information from their hedge fund managers – at a much quicker rate – Patrick Hayes, of State Street, examines the evolving role of data management. Changes sweeping across the investment i...

Michael Tropeano
Vice President
Technology’s True Cost for Wealth Managers: The Case for Outsourcing
Rising operating costs represent a steep challenge for today’s wealth management firms, with technology costs being a major driver behind this trend. Faced with the imperative to boost investment returns in a volatile en...

Up, Up and Here to Stay
SLT talks to Francesco Squillacioti of State Street about beneficial owner interest in Asia and the continent's regulatory roadmap What stage are the securities lending markets at in Asia? Asian markets have developed s...
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