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David Mazza
Head of ETF Investment Strategy
Election 2012: A Time of Polarizing Politics & Heightened Uncertainty
“Next Tuesday all of you will go to the polls, will stand there in the polling place and make a decision. I think when you make that decision, it might be well if you would ask yourself, are you better off than you were ...

Michael Tropeano
Vice President
Wealth Management and Data Aggregation: A Successful Strategy
By Michael Tropeano, CFA, and Peter Amato Today’s wealth managers must have a comprehensive data aggregation strategy to provide clients with a complete picture of their net worth. The proliferation of external data sou...

Peter Amato
Vice President, Wealth Manager Services
Gauging Your True Wealth Management Operating Costs
The Key to Enhanced Client Service By Michael Tropeano, CFA and Peter Amato As wealth managers face unprecedented client demand for expanded support, rising operating expenses are becoming a growing concern and distrac...

Amy Young
Vice President
Implementing Swaps Regulation: More Challenging Than Expected
In 2009, enhanced trade transparency and mitigation of risk for swaps were the main tenets of the G20 Pittsburgh commitment. Today, these objectives seem even more relevant than when the agreement was originally signed. ...

Michael Tropeano
Vice President
Outsourcing for Opportunities
Leveraging external technology resources pays off By Michael Tropeano and Peter Amato The current financial environment is complex and challenging, with wealth firms competing to improve profitability while increasing t...

Luke McCabe
Senior Vice President
Collective Investment Funds: The Outsourcing Solution for Trust Companies
As trust companies look for new opportunities to expand their product offerings, collective investment funds — including both common and collective trusts — are increasing in popularity. While these funds offer important...

Peter Amato
Vice President, Wealth Manager Services
Data Aggregation: An Important Strategy for Wealth Management Services
By: Michael Tropeano, CFA and Peter Amato For today’s wealth managers, a comprehensive data aggregation strategy is critical to providing clients with a complete picture of their net worth. With the proliferation of ext...

A New Approach to Multi-manager Fund Construction
By Lochiel Crafter, Head of Investments, Asia Pacific, State Street Global Advisors and Anthony Golowenko, Portfolio Strategist, State Street Global Advisors While traditional multi-manager funds offer value through the...

Jim Ross
Executive Vice President of State Street Global Advisors, Global Head of SSgA's SPDR Exchange Traded Funds Business and Head of Intermediary Distribution in the United States
Building With ETFs
Over the past 20 years, institutional investors worldwide, from pensions to hedge funds, have upped their investments in exchange traded funds (ETFs). The unique attributes and benefits of ETFs appeal to institutional in...

George Sullivan
Executive Vice President
A New Landscape
New US regulations are becoming a reality, requiring that hedge funds prepare for an unprecedented level of compliance and reporting demands. George Sullivan, State Street’s head of Alternative Investment Solutions, disc...
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