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Ric Thomas
Head of Alternative Investments
Dampening Volatility, Achieving Growth and the Use of Alternative Investments
Demographic changes in Australia are impacting superannuation funds. Many of the early participants have now moved from the accumulation phase to their retirement years, leading to a growing demand to dampen portfolio vo...

“Toward Determining Systemic Performance” Wins Award
Awarded Q Group’s Roger F. Murray first prize for 2012 Mark Kritzman, founding partner of State Street Associates and chief executive officer of Windham Capital Management, was awarded the Q Group’s Roger F. Murray firs...

Chris Perretta
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Thinking Again with TED
It’s time to expand our horizons, find better solutions and create the way ahead. By partnering with TED, we’re introducing new ways of thinking to our clients, our colleagues and our community. We’re starting from withi...

Suzanne Duncan
Global Head of Research, Center for Applied Research
Get Engaged: Overcoming Member Barriers to Healthy Decision-Making
Suzanne Duncan, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Research, State Street Center for Applied Research Lochiel Crafter, Head of State Street Global Advisors, Asia Pacific Daniel Cheever, Vice President, Head of Superan...

Leslie Levine
Vice President
Asset Allocation vs. Securities Lending: Comparing Risk-Adjusted Returns
Crossan Barnes, David Chua, Hans-Christian Lüdemann, Leslie Levine, Glenn Horner, Jeffrey Trencher This paper looks at securities lending in the context of an investor’s overall management of his or her broad investmen...

William Slattery
Executive Vice President
UCITS Celebrates 25th Anniversary
To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of UCITS, State Street has co-sponsored a special commemorative publication.  The publication, "UCITS XXV", tells the history of The Undertakings of Collective Investment Transferable Se...

Wai Kwong Seck
Executive Vice President, Head of Global Markets and Global Services across Asia Pacific
Risk Awareness Increased Since the Financial Crisis
Wai-Kwong Seck, executive vice president, head of Asia Pacific Global Markets and Global Services introduces the latest EIU study, commissioned by State Street  on how institutional investors are building risk-aware cult...

Keith Burman
Senior Managing Director
AIFMD: What Should Alternative Fund Managers Do Now?
A recent article, “AIFMD: What Should Alternative Fund Managers Do Now?”, published in Investment Europe, looks at the far-reaching effects of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). Keith Burman, s...

Martin Dobbins
Senior Vice President & Managing Director, State Street in Luxembourg
AIFMD Increases Need for Due Diligence and Oversight
Martin Dobbins, head of State Street in Luxembourg and chairman of the ABBL ALFI Depositary Bank Forum (ABBL: Luxembourg Banker’s Association / ALFI: Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry), gave an interview about ...

Leslie Levine
Vice President
Securities Lending: Assessing Portfolio Risk and Return
David Chua, Hans-Christian Lüdemann, Crossan Barnes, Leslie Levine, Glenn Horner, Jeffrey Trencher Prior to the financial crisis, the risk/return dynamic within securities lending was academically well-understood, but ...
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