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Global regulatory reforms promise to significantly impact investors in the derivatives market, ushering in important changes in clearing, trade execution, collateral management and investment operations, among other areas. While there are still many unknowns, investors will need to prepare themselves to adapt to an evolving and considerably altered investment landscape.

Institutional investors once preoccupied largely with fund performance now take great interest in the manner by which hedge funds manage operational infrastructure, choose administrators and provide governance centered on best practices.  Bearing this in mind, the hedge fund industry is reinventing business models and best practices, with investor-friendly policies designed to enhance fund transparency, liquidity and efficient operations.  Investors, fund managers and regulators alike are looking to third-party fund administrators to provide objective risk assessment and reporting. 

The introduction of master-feeder pooling as part of the UCITS IV directive is set to spark wider interest in the concept of pooling, and this Vision paper examines the various options available to asset managers as they seek to build efficient and scalable fund structures.

Despite the setbacks of the global financial crisis, Asia’s private equity industry is experiencing a steady resurgence in activity. In this Vision paper, we examine the current state of private equity in the region, and the opportunities that this growing industry presents.