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The European real estate market is experiencing significant change, driven by new global investment opportunities, increased institutional appetite for alternative assets and an evolving regulatory landscape.

China’s rapidly growing managed funds sector presents tremendous opportunities for domestic and international investors. As the industry changes in response to a variety of macro trends, fund managers face a number of challenges accessing this lucrative market. Understanding the evolving fund management landscape will be critical to their future success.

The increased focus on risk management frameworks as part of the UCITS IV direction creates significant complexity but also opportunities for asset managers to gain competitive advantage. This Vision paper explores ways for asset managers to manage the requirements while underscoring their commitment to risk management and transparency.

Global regulatory reforms promise to significantly impact investors in the derivatives market, ushering in important changes in clearing, trade execution, collateral management and investment operations, among other areas. While there are still many unknowns, investors will need to prepare themselves to adapt to an evolving and considerably altered investment landscape.