State Street in France

A force of stability and future growth, we keep our clients at the heart of everything we do.





Since first entering the European market in 1970 and later opening our Paris office in 1991, we’ve built a strong presence in the region. In 2004, we signed the first middle-office outsourcing agreement in France, and today remain the country’s largest provider of these services.

Working with us, you benefit from our established local presence and commitment to delivering a broad range of scalable, global capabilities and services. Working closely with the experienced professionals in our Paris office, you’ll have our unwavering client focus and commitment to your success. As a leading provider of investment management strategies to the market and with dedicated local investment servicing capabilities, we help our clients turn challenges into opportunities.

Intelligence alone is not enough. You need to see the big picture. With employees across Europe and the Middle East, we offer local investors a complete range of financial services across the investment spectrum, including investment servicing, investment research and trading, and investment management.