Gender Equality Index

Inclusion and diversity are strategic imperatives at State Street. We value the qualities — experiences, interests and capabilities — that make our more than 39,000* employees worldwide unique.

In 2019, we achieved a score of 86 / 100 in the Gender Equality Index for State Street Bank International GmbH, Paris Branch.**

The Gender Equality Index ranks organisations on their progress in achieving gender equality across France. Using a scale of equality from 0 to 100, it measures the differences between women and men in the following areas:

  • Average pay gap between women and men in comparable roles
  • Difference in individual salary increase rates between women and men
  • Salary increase rate for employees returning from maternity leave
  • The numbers of men and women in the top ten paying roles

As a company, we continue to work towards greater gender equality. We set strong gender diversity goals, offer unconscious bias training for every leader across our organization, invest in programs and policies that elevate women and minorities into leadership positions, and have eliminated compensation history questions from our hiring process to avoid compounding past pay inequities.

You can read more about our Global Inclusion and Diversity at State Street here.

*As of February 2020
**Calculated through a standardized method by the French government based on data provided by State Street representing the 2019 calender year.