State Street Trust and Banking Co., Ltd.

State Street Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. uses industry expertise and the latest innovations to develop our global solutions as a trust bank in Japan. We offer asset servicing and an array of the products to improve our clients’ portfolio values, aiming to provide world-class and value-added service through industry expertise and cutting-edge technology. Our parent company, State Street Bank and Trust Company in Boston plays a significant role in our global operations.

To help you keep pace with the changing global markets, we offer flexible solutions that anticipate your needs. Our services include trustees, outsourcing, global custody, offshore fund support, portfolios, securities finance, online platforms and more. We support institutional investors such as pension fund managers, asset management firms, trust banks and insurance companies.


Client needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated as asset management continues to evolve. We support a wide range of value-added services through our global network of experts and powerful technology. Along with conventional trustee services, we provide flexible support for trust creation in foreign currencies, emerging growth markets and alternative investments, as well as additional areas that have shown rapid growth.


We’ve supported fundamental business operations for asset management firms and life insurance companies for nearly twenty years. Strategically incorporating outsourcing into your business model can reduce staffing costs and system investments while allowing you to focus on key initiatives.

Global Custody

As an agent of State Street Bank and Trust Company in Boston, Massachusetts, we provide global custody services for institutional investment firms by entering into sub-custody agreements with local banks. Our streamlined processes help institutional investors make informed investments in global markets without having to enter into individual country agreements.

Offshore Fund Services

Acting as a liaison between State Street Group’s overseas offices and our Japan based Investment Managers and Institutional investors, we support the coordination among these parties in order to ensure offshore products are successfully launched and any day to day inquiries are handled appropriately and in a timely manner.

Portfolio Solutions

We offer Transition Management services, including planning, trading and performance measurement, under a discretionary investment management agreement entered into directly with each client in Japan. In addition, we conduct marketing and sales activities with respect to currency management and agency trading services, offered by overseas units of the State Street Group to clients in Japan.

Securities Finance

We offer localized client services including provision of information and support of contract procedures for agency lending, enhanced custody and other related service offered by overseas units of State Street Group.

Online Platforms

Through our partnerships with FX Connect and Currenex, we offer local client solutions for online trading platforms.

Armed with industry expertise and local knowledge, we’ll work with you to develop a customized solution to help control costs, launch new products and expand globally.

Message from Top Management  

Since establishing our business in Japan in 1991, State Street Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. (SSTB) has focused on meeting the asset servicing needs of institutional investors.

2018 marks a key milestone as we successfully incorporate the Global Markets division into SSTB. The GM business functions formerly were operating as State Street Global Markets (Japan).  SSTB can now seamlessly offer a broader product line enhancing the client experience.  By bringing the two entities together, we can maximize our synergies.

Our offices in Tokyo and Fukuoka help leverage the full range of capabilities available through State Street’s global network. We use our global expertise along with our clear understanding of local regulatory requirements, business practices and customer expectations to provide innovative data-driven solutions.

Our success is measured by the success of our clients. With over 25 years of market experience, we are committed to helping our clients succeed on a global scale.

Best regards,

Mark Hamilton                                             
Representative Director and President
State Street Trust and Banking Co., Ltd.