Making Life Better

Corporate Citizenship

Our values and principles keep us connected to the communities where we live and work. Whether promoting education or fostering sustainable development, we strive to make a meaningful difference.

Matching Gift Program

With our Matching Gift Program, we help our employees do more with their charitable donations in three ways:

  • GiveMore – matches financial contributions to charitable or educational institutions
  • CollectMore – matches fulfilled pledges for fundraising events
  • DoMore – provides grants as a match for volunteer efforts with a charitable organization

Volunteer Opportunities

In Luxembourg, our employees give their time and energy to causes that matter through our many volunteering and fundraising programs. Through our Global Outreach program, every employee is eligible to take two paid volunteer days a year.

GIVE Platform

Another way our employees give back is through our Giving, Investing, Volunteering by Employees (G.I.V.E.) platform. This allows employees to donate to the charities they want, when they want, outside of our usual volunteer opportunities. Around the world, our G.I.V.E. platform brings our people together to support a cause that’s meaningful to them. Whether it’s fighting poverty and hunger or supporting human rights, our employees donate their time, energy, and money to make a difference.

Global Inclusion and Employee Networks

As a global company, we value the experiences, interests, and capabilities that make our employees unique. Global Inclusion is our company-wide initiative to ensure our employees feel engaged and recognized for their unique talents and contributions to our business.

Global Inclusion is a strategic imperative at State Street, aligning directly with our values: Always Finding Better Ways; Stronger Together; Global Force, Local Citizen and Trust Is Our Greatest Asset.

In Luxembourg, we have many networks and groups for our employees that are run directly by them. These groups help employees come together around a common goal, share their unique perspectives, and increase their visibility across the company. They also create opportunities for networking and professional development.