VenturiSM by State Street (peer-to-peer)

As a result of the changing liquidity and rate environment, buy-side firms are increasingly seeking new sources of financing in an efficient manner. Venturi by State Street offers innovative financing structures and analytic capabilities that empower the buy side to interact on their own terms in a changing market.

Venturi peer-to-peer (P2P) repo brings new liquidity opportunities to repo markets by directly connecting participants (or “peers”) on a stable, secured and trusted system. Participants trade bilaterally; State Street guarantees the payment of the repurchase price to the buyer, inclusive of proceeds from liquidating the repo securities.

Venturi’s liquidity optimization tools also offer solutions to drive greater portfolio transparency and decision-making through its margin analytics and optimization modules in derivative and collateral trading.

Improved economics

  • Opportunities for higher yields and lower financing costs
  • Empowerment to transact with expanded buy-side peers under a broad set of collateral types
  • Ability to submit indications of interest and negotiate improves price transparency

Increased efficiency

  • Onboarding and trading workflows are streamlined without the need for numerous bilateral agreements
  • Front-to-back straight-through process with tri-party collateral management available
  • Seamless integration with your current systems

Lower operational and counterparty risk

  • State Street’s guarantee of the borrower’s performance means cash investors can access liquidity, but face State Street’s strong credit profile
  • Borrowers connect with highly rated investors
  • We reduce your operational burden by handling back-office requirements relating to collateral valuation, margin management and trade reporting
  • With one of the most extensive buy-side networks in the industry and a market-leading sponsored repo product, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer efficient, low-risk solutions

Why State Street

As one of the world’s largest custodians with an industry-leading buy-side network and a focus on innovation, we provide clients with a new, streamlined platform that helps meet their financing and liquidity needs. With Venturi, clients gain access to a peer-to-peer marketplace, improved transparency, and integrated operational support for greater efficiencies. As an established market leader in the repo industry, we’re well-positioned to service the entire repo lifecycle in the best way possible ─ from trade initiation to settlement and post-trade management.

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