Currency management

Currency Management

Harnessing proprietary technology and deep expertise, we offer the flexibility and scalability required to maximize efficiency across your portfolio or fund platform. You benefit from our fully outsourced foreign exchange (FX) hedging and execution solutions deployed at the portfolio or share class-level, and our open architecture that adeptly aligns with your business objectives, regardless of custodian, fund accountant or FX counterparties.

Our currency management solutions include:

Share class hedging
Our share class-level hedging helps efficiently deliver hedged investment options from a common fund. Strategies include net asset value replication and look-through hedging relative to portfolio or benchmark holdings, as well as replication of currency-hedged benchmarks.

Portfolio hedging
Passively hedge portfolio currency risk or hedge the difference between portfolio currency exposures and a target currency exposure-completion hedging. Strategies are highly customizable, including multi-manager and multiasset-class programs as well as security-level funding and hedging.

Execution solutions
We offer a variety of outsourced trading solutions for securities and fund flow-related FX, helping you maximize netting and minimize tracking error. These solutions can be bundled with hedging strategies under a universal program.

The State Street difference

With over three decades of experience in currency management, our seasoned team of dedicated professionals is strategically located in Boston, London, Sydney and Frankfurt, ensuring comprehensive global coverage and expertise. As your trusted partner, we deliver optimized and innovative scalable solutions for complex hedging strategies. Our fit-for-purpose technology generates a consistent and precise hedging program, alongside transparent execution and reporting. Enjoy flexibility with solutions that can be adapted to a wide range of needs, with an open architecture and agency-only model that operates seamlessly across custodians and counterparties.

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