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At State Street, we recognize the value of a diverse supplier base and are focused on working with qualified organizations whose values align with ours. We believe that when there is equal opportunity for participation, the benefits of diverse perspectives are mutual and long-lasting. By actively promoting partnerships across a wide range of purchasing categories, we demonstrate our commitment to creating better outcomes for our clients, employees, investors and the communities we serve.

Our supplier diversity program fosters opportunities for businesses to certify their ownership and help expand supplier diversity through the following ownership categories: minority business enterprises (MBEs), women business enterprises (WBEs), veteran business enterprises (VBEs), disability-owned business enterprises (DOBEs), and LGBT-owned business enterprises (LGBTBEs).

Diverse companies: Please register to introduce your organization’s services and products.

Vendor partners: Please click here to submit Tier 2 data through the Unitier portal.

Who we work with
Within Procurement and across the enterprise, we are committed to driving dynamic engagement with suppliers owned by minorities, women, veterans, LGBT and the community with disabilities to enhance and enrich State Street’s supply base. We strive to create more opportunities for diverse suppliers so that we can improve the diversity makeup of our supplier base and assist diverse suppliers in growing their businesses and expanding their impact on local communities.

We are working to expand our use of diverse suppliers and encourage large suppliers to develop and expand their own diversity programs. We work with multiple supplier diversity organizations through memberships, financial contributions, participation in conferences and workshops and outreach.

Some of our partner firms include:

Our commitment
We continually look for new and more effective approaches to fulfill our diversity and inclusion mission, and are dedicated to improving our diverse culture and inclusion through a focused framework with careful attention to regulatory guidance.

How we can work together
Building a diverse supplier base starts with you, along with committed support from us. If you are a certified diverse supplier, we encourage you to register with us via our self-registration portal here.

Not ready to do business directly with a company the size of State Street? That’s ok, we want to hear from you, too. Our Tier 2 spend program keeps options open for subcontracting referrals to primary suppliers who seek to boost their own diversity spend.

Be sure to reference the resources linked on this page for more guidance or email us at SupplierDiversity@StateStreet.com.

"Oftentimes, the economic impact we have on our diverse suppliers results in an additional benefit to underserved communities. It’s proven that these suppliers hire directly from those communities. For us, it’s important to keep this perspective in mind as we make it easier for diverse suppliers to do more business with us."

Christopher M. Malley

Chief Procurement Officer

Christopher M. Malley