July 2024

2024 Private Markets Outlook: An analysis of capital distribution and fundraising in global private markets

Drawing from our survey of 480 institutional investors, our 2024 Private Markets Outlook delves into investor sentiment, deals and fundraising trends, and the latest developments in data and technology in the private markets space.

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In our 2024 study, we analyzed general partners’ plans for raising capital and limited partners’ plans for allocating private market portfolios across five core global regions ─ North America, Developed Europe, Emerging Europe, Developed Asia Pacific (APAC) and Emerging APAC ─ to gain insights into the inflow and outflow of funds within the asset class. We further examined this data by the respondents’ regions and sub-asset classes (private equity, private debt, infrastructure and real estate).

In this second report of our series, we look at the key trends that are likely to drive these capital flows and allocations in each region over the short to medium term.

Here are some high-level results:

North America: Bringing dynamism to illiquid markets

Increased liquidity of private assets through diversified fund structures, and enhanced data and reporting requirements open new distribution channels for private markets in the United States. Respondents to our survey view North America as a growth area for private market investing.

Europe: The private debt opportunity

Private debt growth will continue as a wider range of company types enters the market for fundraising. European Union and United Kingdom legislation creates impetus for similar developments to those in the US as more liquid fund structures are able to contain private assets.

APAC: A new source of capital for the world’s private markets

Growing capital pools in APAC make the region’s domestic institutional investors a source of increasing interest to global fundraisers, while direct and co-investment is also an emergent theme in the region.

Our report explains how enhanced data and reporting requirements, along with diversified fund structures, boost liquidity in private assets, alongside forging new paths for private markets in the US. Discover how private debt continues to grow as a wider range of companies enters the market, and learn why APAC is capturing global fundraisers’ attention with direct and co-investment trends that are gaining momentum.


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The interactive infographic in our report provides deeper insights into how respondents around the world are investing in private markets assets, with a detailed view into sub-asset class investments and capital fundraising.

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